2020 Angels

Many of you have donated to our Rescue several times. We couldn’t help so many Shelties without your help…Special Thanks to all our Angels!

Kara Lumsden – “Our Website Wizard”
Pam Shaia – “Tails at the Barkery”
Eric Stehl – “In Memory of Dorothy Stehl”
Rosa Kondralian
Mr. and Mrs. Checkeick
Shelly Varnedoe –  “In loving memory of Chance”
Patricia Campbel
Jackie Powell
Sandra Powers
Michelle Green
Terry Flanery
Rudy Tench
Juan Fernandez
Janet Thompson – “In loving memory of Freeway, Our very own Mr. Majestic”
Patricia McLaughlin
Sue Wheeler
Carol Smith
Joyce Eisenberg
Anna Netterfield
Ian Chancellor
Cindy Miller
Lee Bodie
Vicky Brown
Rita Howe
Jacquie Fraser
Roselinde Hyder
Stephen Herring
Allan Mason
Tim Checkwick
Julie LaFortune
Chris Schneider
Jennifer Clark
Robert Collins
Kathryn Ruby
Nanette Parratto-Wagner
Diane Tabbott
Anita Faunce
Kenneth Cosco
David Stockman
Virginia Spencer
Nora Allen
Kristen Thompson-Norris
Mary DeHaven
David Landau
Jack Gardner
Sharon Conners
Thomas Bodie
Patricia Bates
Mary Rogers
Meredith Hector
Judy Muller
Jacqueline Greco
Laura Williford
Tara Homick
Johanna Canonica
Kim Moy
Lori Dick
Rebecca Puig
Jean Hill
Charles Friel
Gina Ribble
Bruce Butterfield
Glenn Doss
Katharina Eichhof
Susan Harris
William Miller
Dr. Lisa Bright, DVM
Lisa Baird
Ronald Senger
Linda Tartak
Cheryl Hamilton
Carol Campbell
Debora J Sims
Brenda Gatcomb
Donna Kobylarczyk
Heather Schaefer
Pamella Slusher
Robert Collins
Matthew Byers
Rossana Passaniti
Sylvia Binder
Denise Halkias
Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue
Collies Florida Rescue
Margaret Lazusky
Sandra Vassel
Katie Bellas
Douglas and Diane Kinner
Christina Phavilay
Jennifer Blackburn
Don and Jennifer Simon
Dennis and Carter Bluge
Leslie L Alexander Foundation
Roger and Bailara Ippolito
Brenda Hitt
Meredith Wheeler
Sandra Hudson
Nancy Wilson
Sandra Collins
Anne Pearo


Special thanks to our 2019 Angels