Adoption Application

At Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue (MFSR), we are looking for the best and last home for each of our dogs. We call this “The Furever Home”, and we do this carefully through research. We understand that any home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good home. We are looking for homes that:

  • Treat their dogs like family members
  • Give the very best veterinary care
  • Will keep this dog for the rest of the dog’s life
  • Will work to train the dog to make it the perfect dog for them
  • Will make the time every day to spend with the dog

If this describes you, please continue filling out the form below.

(Your privacy is important to us. The information we collect below is used privately by MFSR and will never be made public. We do not share or sell your email or other information.)

Please Note: We DO NOT adopt out of the state of Florida. Must be 18.

This application is extensive and may take up to 20-30 minutes to complete. Please keep this in mind before you begin.

Please answer every question completely and as accurately as possible. Please note that if all the questions are not answered your application could be delayed or denied.

About You

1. Name:

2. Address:

3. City:  State:  Zip: 

4. Email:

5. Home Phone:

6. Cell Phone:

7. Date of Birth:

8. How often do you check email?

9. What is your preferred method of contact?

10. Please list any calling time restrictions?

11. Hours Applicant Works:

12. Spouse/Partner Work Hours:

13. Have you ever owned a Sheltie? YesNo

14. Have you ever applied to MFSR before? YesNo

14a. If so, what happened?

15. Have you applied with any other rescue? YesNo

15a. If yes, please provide the name of the rescue group and their contact information?

16. How did you hear about us?

17. What role will the dog you adopt play?

18. What specific traits / characteristics are you looking for in a Sheltie that would make him / her a perfect match for your home?

19. What is the ONE most important factor you are seeking in a Sheltie?

20. What is the ONE most important factor you DO NOT want in a Sheltie?

21. What is your preference for your new dog's age?

22. What is your preference for the sex of your new dog?

23. What are your preferred colors?

24. Which animal on our website are you interested in?

25. Why do you want to adopt this particular dog?

26. Is this dog being given as a gift to someone? YesNo

27. In what type of home do you live?

28. How would you describe the area in which you reside?

29. Do you own or rent your home? RentOwn

29a. If you rent, please enter your landlord's name and phone number:

29b. If you rent, have you received the approval of your landlord to have an animal? YesNo

30. Are you planning to move in the near future? YesNo

31. Do you have a yard for the dog to use? YesNo

32. Is your yard fenced? YesNo

33. What type of fence?

34. What is the height of the fence?

35. How large an area is surrounded by the fence?

36. How will you exercise the dog, confine the dog while outside, and provide for his need to eliminate if you do not have a fence?

37. Does a door from your house open directly into the fenced yard? YesNo

38. Do you have a doggie door? YesNo

39. Do your pets have access to the doggie door when you are not at home? YesNo

40. Do you have a swimming pool? YesNo

41. Is the pool above or below ground level? AboveBelow

42. Is your swimming pool surrounded by a fence? YesNo

43. Who in the household will be the primary care giver for your new dog (first and last name)?

44. Are all others in the household aware of your intent to adopt a dog? YesNo

45. Do all members of the household agree with adopting a dog? YesNo

46. How many family members reside in your household? (Please list ages as well as frequent visitors such as grandchildren)

47. Is anyone in your house allergic to animals? YesNo

48. Please select all that apply to your household: (Hold down Control/Command key to select multiple)

49. How many animals currently reside in your home? (Please list all ages and if they are spayed or neutered)

50. All together, how many pets have you owned in the past ten (10) years?

51. What happened to each of them?

52. If you currently do not own a dog, how long has it been since a dog has been in your home other than to visit?

53. What is your current dog's name?

54. What is your current dog's age?

55. Were all your current and previous pets spayed or neutered? YesNo

55a. If current or previous pets were not spayed or neutered, please explain why not?

56. Are all of your pets current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative? YesNo

57. May your current or most recent vet be contacted (if so, please notify them we will be calling)? YesNo

58. Who is your current or most recent Veterinarian (clinic and doctor if you always see/saw the same one)?

59. What is the number to your current or most recent vet clinic?

59a. If you have multiple vets, please provide names and contact info for additional clinics?

60. Under whose name will your pets be listed at the clinic?

61. Will the animal be kept inside or outside? InsideOutside

62. Are you aware that Shelties are barkers? YesNo

63. Maximum hours your dog will be left alone during a 24-hour period?

64. Where will the dog be kept while someone is at home?

65. Where will you keep the dog while you are at work?

66. Where will you keep the dog while the family is sleeping?

67. Where will you keep the dog if it is destructive when left alone?

68. Do you have stairs that the dog will have to use inside or outside of your home? YesNo

69. Are you willing to take this sheltie to obedience school? YesNo

70. What kind and brand of dog food will you feed your pet (be specific)?

71. Are you willing to feed a Premium Dog Food? (Supermarket and big box stores do not carry premium pet foods) YesNo

72. Which brand of heartworm prevention do you (did you) use?

73. What circumstances, in your opinion, justify getting rid of a dog?

74. What will you do with your dog if you move?

75. Are you aware of the financial responsibilities of dog ownership, including vet care, good quality food, licensing, inoculations, heartworm and flea preventative, grooming, etc.? YesNo

76. Are you aware of the fees that our rescue organization charges-- Our adoption donation ranges from 350-450 for all ages? YesNo

77. Do you understand that the dog you adopt must be kept on monthly heartworm preventative? YesNo

78. Have you ever surrendered a pet of yours to an animal shelter? YesNo

78a. If yes, why did you have to surrender your pet (if no, put n/a)?

79. Have you ever sold or given away one of your pets? YesNo

79a. If yes, why did you give your pet away (if no, answer n/a)?

80. Are you willing to allow a rescue volunteer to do an in-home visit (all family members and pets must be present)? YesNo

81. Do you have any experience grooming a Sheltie? If not, who is your groomer??

82. Do you have any comments you would like to make?

Your Agreement is Required


I agree that all of the answers I have given, are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


We do our very best to reply to applicants in a timely fashion. However, we sometimes handle a large volume of applications and a number of dogs! If you do not hear back from MFSR regarding your application within ten days of your submission of that application, please feel free to contact us by e-mail to inquire about the status of your application.

A home visit by a MFSR team member is required for every application that is approved. We will do our best to schedule that visit as quickly as possible; it may depend on how many volunteers we have in a given area.

A vet check by a MFSR team member is required for every application that is approved. Please be sure you have included your veterinary clinic contact info on this application, and please alert your veterinary clinic that a MFSR team member will be calling them, and that you have given MFSR permission to obtain information from them on your pets’ health records, etc.

Note: Submitting an application to MFSR does not commit you to adopting a dog, nor does it mean you are sure to get a dog from us. However, should you adopt a dog from us, this application, and the statements you make in it, will be part of your adoption contract. Statements and/or answers to questions in this application are used in determining suitability of a dog in your home. Therefore, providing false or misleading information on this application will be cause for terminating any adoption agreement we may make with you.

Please note that we have the right to refuse/reject any application for any reason at any time.