The Sheltie Funny Pages

This is an extremely humorous site with hilarous pictures of rescued Shelties and funny captions.  Created by Kathy Cochran of the Central Florida Sheltie Rescue.


The American Shetland Sheepdog Association

The Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue

Darla and Ernie Duffey have been doing Sheltie Rescue for over 20 years.  They are widely respected throughout the Sheltie Rescue Community.  Please visit their website to see their dogs available for adoption.

Pet Store Truth

Stop the demand.  End the supply.  Please click to see the REAL truth behind Pet Stores and puppy mills.

Is Your Dog Food Safe

Salmonella Contaminations.  Watching what your pet eats?  Find out how your food measures up.  Dog Food recall. This site offers up-to-date info on your pets food.

Dogs live longer when fed GOOD FOOD

Read about some of the Worst Dog foods out there.

2017 Top Ten Best Dog Foods

A lot of work went into this study. Did yours make the list?

University of Doglando – Orlando Dog Care

MFSR recommends and supports University of Doglando. Thank You Teena for all your help in the training and socializing of the Shelties for MFSR. What a Fantastic facility. Doglando is the BEST!

The Best Part About the New Dog Vaccination Guidelines

Time for your Shelties vaccinations? Do they really need all these shots? Click the link to find out more.

Preparation for Traveling with your pet

Keep them safe while on the road.

Car Ride Safety for Pets

An animal who is allowed to ride in a car without any thought of safety is potentially at risk of falling or jumping from the vehicle, being thrown from it, disrupting the driver, and other hazardous incidents; because animals are entirely dependent on their owners to protect them from these threats, it is the responsibility of owners to ensure the safety of their pets.

Is your Sheltie safe while riding in the car

We all want to keep our furry loved ones safe wherever they go but keeping them safe while riding in the car can be a challenge. Check out these videos to see if your restraints measure up.

How to Find a Lost Sheltie

Most important is to “get the word out” on foot to every household in the area. Not everyone gets a newspaper, nor do they read the LOST ads. If there are signs out, attention is drawn to the fact that there is a lost sheltie.

Grooming Guide | Eagermind

This is great info on how to groom your Sheltie.

Does your Sheltie Smoke Cigarettes

I know your first thought is OMG No. If you smoke your Sheltie could be smoking right along with you. Click on the link to find out how you can assure your dog is not in harm’s way.

Does your Sheltie like to snuggle with you

If you like your Sheltie to sleep in bed with you but they can’t jump up on it, then you need a Royal Ramp. Every sale will generate $20 for Sheltie rescue.

Rags to Rugs

Do you love to Crochet?? This site will show you great ways to turn rags into rugs for your fur friends. Makes a great gift for our non fur friends as well. Start your rug today.

Sheltie Planet

Our Sheltie Rescue directory lists places to adopt a Sheltie across the US, the UK and Canada. There are many loving Shelties in need of forever homes – just look up your nearest Shetland Sheepdog rescue.