Medical Emergency

Meet Toby,

Toby was surrendered to us by his previous owner that was no longer able to give him the care that he needed after being attacked by a neighbors large dog.  The police and the Animal Control were contacted and the owners were told there was nothing that they could do so with Love they surrendered Toby over to Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue so we could continue his care.  It is through our friends and other Sheltie lovers that we are able to help Toby heal.  

Toby has had two (2) surgeries to close his wounds and treat any possible infection, and has done remarkably well through both.  For a little 24 pound sweet boy, he has fought every step of the way, always ready for a kiss and a cuddle.

Currently in the care of one of our foster moms, he is flourishing.  His wounds are healing very well and the most difficult part of all this, is keeping him quiet, as he wants so badly to play with the other shelties in the home.

Toby continues to improve because his foster mom is taking such great care of him. Stitches should be removed soon and then Toby can go back to being the sweet lover-boy and happy little sheltie that he is. 


We thank you very much for all donations no matter the size they are greatly appreciated!

With your help we can get Toby all better to live a happy life making his new family happy! That is what Shelties do the best.

And of course, we will proudly list your name on our Angels page.

Thank you,
Barbara Davis



Jason was adopted by wonderful family
who will love him like a Sheltie should be loved.

We will continue to update you on the progress of those in need.

We don’t always have the time to update this website to reflect our current dogs in need, but believe us when we say, they are here.

Can you help us – help them?